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Rather than just imitating admitted students, the applicant must tell a story that portrays his or her authentic self.

Over the years, we have talked closely with admissions officers from the top universities. They often say that Korean applicants are identical with one another, usually applying with similar scores and activities.

Exceptional extracurriculars and awards do play a crucial role in college admissions. But it also essential that these achievements complement the story that the applicant is telling. This sense of unity in the application plays a decisive role in swaying the admissions committee.

As a result, our consultants also play the role of “story-developers,” those who help draw out those authentic stories that lie within the student.

From recommending activities that match the student’s image to providing detailed sentence-level feedback on the admissions essay, we provide support and guidance during every step of the admissions process so that the student is able to portray a cohesive image and story.

Our Consultants have both the innumerable years of experience and the results to prove it.  As you plan out your child’s future career roadmap, we are here to support you and student’s every step of the way.

Service & Program Package

General Roadmap & Consulting Service

  • Personality and aptitude test
  • Provision of mock tests (PSAT)
  • Career/major guidance (interview with professionals)
  • High school course selection
  • 7~9th

Consulting Package excluding Academic Service

  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Summer planning (camp list & internship)
  • Major-related contests and personal projects
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • College list and application essays
  • Acadmic guidance
  • 9~11th

All Inclusive (Application service: 12 schools)

  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Summer planning (camp list & application process)
  • Major-related activities and volunteer-activities
  • Internship opportunities
  • College list and application essays
  • 9~11th

College Application Service (Additional charges for extra schools)

  • Application service: 12 Schools (Ivy League Schools)
  • Application service: 12 Schools (non-Ivy League Schools)
  • Boarding/Jr.Boarding Program
  • Summer Camp Application
  • Research Program
  • Internship
  • Volunteer Activity

Annual Consulting Process

Package Standard, Premium

Application and Implementation

Revision and Supplementation



If you select a premium package,
the 'College Application Service' Will be included

College Application Process

  • one-on-one

  • College selection
  • Major choice
  • Application plan[ED I,II/EA/Regular/etc.]

Common Application & Essay Session

  • Support for filling out application [Common app./Coalition/UC/etc.]

  • Personal statement
  • Supplemental essays
  • Additional prompts specific to each university

After Submission

  • A follow-up pending items[scores, bank statements, etc.]

  • Resume/application document
  • Interview preparation

Final College Seletion


Joseph Kang

Senior Director

-Columbia University
(BA in English & Comparative Literature)
-Veritas Academy Director
-RECAS Academy Lecturer

Christian Lee


-The University of Chicago
(BA in Economics)
-FLEX College Prep President of International Markets and Head College Director
-RECAS Academy Director
-St. Paul Yangje(College Counselor)
-Myungji Foreign Language High School
(International Director)

Okkyung Choi


-Ewha Womans University
(BA in English Education)
-Stanford University Korean Studies Coordinator
-Batiq Korea College Admissions Director
-Chosun Edu Kudos Consulting Director
-Leaders Academy Consulting Director
-Merit Consulting Director

  • Georgetown University (BA in Economics)
  • Harvard University (MA And Ph.D. in Economics)
  • Stanford University Economics Lecturer/Counselor
  • Fulbright Scholarship Director


  • University of Pennsylvania Huntsman Program (BA in International Studies and Economics)
  • Chosun Edu Kudos Admissions Consultant
  • Batiq US Ivy League Mentor
  • New York University Stern School of Business (BS in Business)
  • College Essay Specialist
  • Summer Camp Specialist
  • Creative Writing Editor & Writing Trainer
  • University of Notre Dame (BS in Electrical Engineering)
  • Santa Clara University (MBA)
  • STEM Program Essay & Reserch Paper Editor
  • Brown University (BA in English & Literature)
  • Ivywise US Essay Editor
  • Merit Consulting Essay Consultant
  • Princeton University (BA in Comparative Literature)
  • Summer Camp Essay Editor
  • Humanities Essay Editor
  • University of California Berkeley (BA in Economics)
  • Yale University (MBA)
  • Literary Journalist
  • Cornell University (BA in Urban and Regional Studies/Minor in Philosophy)
  • The Cornell Daily Sun Weekly Columnist
  • Humanities and History Research Paper Editor

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