Bluekey Prep


Jr. Elite Program

What Does it Mean to be a Competitive Student?

In order for students to maintain a competitive edge,
it is crucial that they refine their fundamental English
skills, regardless of the type of assessment they
are undergoing. As a result, the Jr. Elite Program
places great importance on fostering students
who they have the necessary language skills
to shine at the top US universities.


Students must accumulate background knowledge
by reading a diverse range of texts in the scientific,
political, economic, and literary disciplines.
At Bluekey Prep, students are taught to read actively
and engage critically with the text, learning not
only to discern the author’s purpose and logic,
but also to develop sophisticated arguments.
This kind of critical mindset will continue to be
fundamental for success in the SAT/AP/IB.


Much of AP/GPA/IB scores are based on the written exam. As a result, writing ability is critical. Students must not only learn to logically frame their argument, they must also be able to adapt their writing to a variety of different styles and objectives. In order for student to express themselves in a creative and sophisticated manner, they must amass the necessary background information through their readings and invest countless hours of practice into essay writing.

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